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San Diego Van & Storage is the local movers in San Diego has replied on for since 1943. Over the decades we have perfected our craft to service all forms of: household moving, commercial moving, international moving, office moving, household storage, commercial storage, portable storage, and more!Let the San Diego movers take the headache out of moving and send you off to your next destination on a good foot.

Holiday Fun Under the California Sun

Saying that it’s rare to see snowfall in San Diego is – to put it generously – an understatement. It’s only been observed five times in the last 150 years; and while snow isn’t the only telltale sign of winter, it serves as a visual reminder that the holidays are right around the corner. So, while l...

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Staying Classy in San Diego

People move to San Diego for a myriad of reasons. Whether you love the eclectic art exhibits or the bustling cultural scene, San Diego has something for everyone. Because of this, San Diego is becoming an increasingly popular moving destination. Newcomers to the area need a reliable and professional...

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Know Your San Diego Naval Bases

San Diego is home to numerous naval bases, providing many jobs for the community as well as showcasing a storied naval history. At San Diego Van, we understand that military movers in San Diego require complete preparation and logistical planning. With a unique knowledge of the area, particularly na...

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San Diego's Best Wildlife Exhibits

San Diego is home to several world-renowned zoos and aquatic parks, offering residents and visitors the perfect chance to see and interact with exotic mammals and underwater creatures. The city’s unique wildlife gives San Diego an exclusive appeal, especially in the eyes of nature enthusiasts and fa...

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Top Five Colleges in San Diego

It’s almost fall, which means it’s back-to-school time. For many that means returning to campus, but for thousands of San Diego undergrads that means moving into a new dorm and getting used to life away from home. As the San Diego full-service movers of choice, we’ve learned a thing or two about wha...

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Choosing Your First Home

Tired of loud neighbors in the apartment next door? Finally graduated from graduate school and ready to plant your roots? Simply want to be a part of the American Dream? No matter what your reasons for wanting to buy your first home, this decision is both exciting and terrifying. Picking your dream...

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